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Build Your Own Custom Year Calendar with Bootstrap

Do you need to keep track of time, events and appointments but don’t want to invest in a traditional calendar? Building your own custom year calendar with Bootstrap is a great way to handle all of your record-keeping needs.

Bootstrap is an open source library of web design elements that makes creating any website layout easy. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel each time you need a form, photo gallery, or anything else that requires code, Bootstrap makes it simple and user-friendly. Now, by using Bootstrap’s JavaScript components, you can also build your own custom year calendar.

To get started on your calendar project, you will first need to download and install Bootstrap. Once you have done so, open the web page where you want the custom calendar and paste the following HTML code:

This simple code will ensure that you have an empty space on the web page that will be filled with the content of your calendar. Next, you will need to add some JavaScript code to make the calendar interactable. This code can be added inside the ‘